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Incoming MADMIA Socks!

Hi!!! So I’ve never used my blog, but the long awaited second shipment of MADMIA socks is allllmost here, and that seems like a perfect reason to start!

So stock on here will be updated very early next week to show what is available after all orders have been filled.

In the mean time though, check out the cool, super bright tutus that are now available on here! They were used for a photo shoot a few weeks back, and they are SO awesome!!

4 thoughts on “Incoming MADMIA Socks!

  1. Do you have any unicorn socks. If not mermaid available plse
    Thanks Sheryl

    1. Hi Sheryl! Sure, on the website, click on the shop tab, and go down to Madmia, all current available stock is there. I am doing another order in 3 weeks so there will be one other option of both unicorns and mermaids available then, these will be available to place your order next week and will be here by December.

  2. Hi do you have any unicorn or mermaid toddler socks for a 5 yr old?

    1. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry I never saw this until now!! All available stock is on this website, so just take a look and see what you can find. Size wise, depending on how big their feet are, you probably want to go for the standard size socks, not the toddler. They may be a little big, but and least they will fit forever. There’s a high chance if you go for the toddler ones they won’t fit for long.

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